1. Pedro901's Avatar

    I got a problem here: One manager left and a new one joined. Gave the old BB to the new manager.

    Wiped it out and everything but now he's receiving the GMAIL e-mails from the other dude because it is associated with the PIN of the device.

    How can I stop that behavior when I cant create a BB account on XXX.blackberry.com since the PIN is associated with an other account (I cant get the username the old manager, only the password. Not very useful).

    Quite annoying.

    10-19-08 09:27 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Call the carrier it belongs too and if the name on the account is a company name and not the old user himself, you should be able to gain authorization to have the PIN swapped from that account to whatever account you do so wish...and this has nothing to do with BES...the xxx.blackberry.net/.com accounts are BIS based accnts.
    10-19-08 09:39 AM