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    I recently changed jobs and my new employer does not have BES server and does not plan on supporting one anytime soon. Verizon is our service provider and I've been using a Motorola Q for the last few months with many problems. I have the opportunity to switch to a new device, and I'm trying to decide between a Curve w/o BES server support or a different Windows or Palm device (Centro). Being an old BB user, I'm leaning that way, but will I be sacrificing much? I know I won't be able to synch calendar/contacts over the air, but I think I can live with that. Is there anything special they need to do on the Exchange server? Will I be able to accept/decline calendar invites?

    Any advice/experience that you can share would be appreciated.

    06-27-08 01:05 PM
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    That's a tough choice.

    I recently changed jobs & went through 6 weeks of BIS and found it hard get used to having to sync my phone multiple times a day to have my BB up to date.

    I even turned up late to one meeting because I 'thought' it was at a different time - I forgot to sync before leaving the office the day before. Of course that was MY fault not the BIS, but it shows how much you rely on everything being up to date automatically.

    Thankfully one of my first projects in the new role was to implement a BES so I didn't have time to get used to it.

    Some of the Cons:

    - No Global Address Book Lookup (I regularly look up Fax/Mobile nos from our Corporate Directory)
    - No Wireless Sync for Non-Email items
    - 20 min delay in Email reception from our Corporate Server
    - Sync between BB & Mail was not as 'tight' as with the BES
    - Desktop Sync managed to get duplicate Calendar/Contacts (tho this could have just been me messing about)
    - Non Tech savvy users (sales people) had more issues & complaints. In 2 months since we changed to BES we had 1 support ticket, and that was a user requesting roaming! In 6 weeks before we would have had 10 or 20+

    Some of the nice features with the BIS though:

    - I could receive email from couple of personal email accounts to my device
    - Syncing via desktop mgr did give me more time to play with adding apps & media, which I hadn't done much of because I NEVER had to plug in on BES. I'd only ever installed the device manager to allow USB charging prior to that.

    I'd always prefer to have full wireless sync now, but I'd probably say that using a BB via BIS is probably better than putting up with a Windows Mobile device...
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    That's great info. Thank you. One further question, when you were using BIS and you received a calendar request, were you able to accept/decline it and have it show up immediately on the BB? (I know it won't show up in Outlook until you synch over the wire)

    I think I agree with your assessment. BB with BIS is still better than Windows Mobile.
    06-27-08 05:39 PM
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    Concerning BB vs WinMo, in December of last year I switched from a BB 8700 to a AT&T Tilt. Six months later I switched back to the 8700. The performance of the Tilt was terrible. Long pauses between switching apps or screens, sometimes terribly long. Sometimes so long that I got sick pf waiting and punched the reset button. I find that I have to reboot my 8700 almost as often as I did the Tilt, but between reboots the performance of the 8700 is way better.

    It's not that WinMo is a bad OS. I've been using standalone WinMo devices for years, and they have always been excellent. With the Tilt the problem is sloppy software development. I've heard similar issues with the Q. For whatever reason, Microsoft just doesn't hold their device makers to a tight enough standard on their smartphone models.

    As for using a BB with BIS and getting info sync'd to it, have you considered using the Blackberry Unite software as a subsitute for BES? I think it will give you the wireless sync with Outlook that you are looking for.

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    06-27-08 08:53 PM
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    One more question, if I want to use the BB without a BES on Verizon, is there an extra monthly charge to use BIS? Do I still need the extra BB charge also?

    Thanks again!
    06-28-08 08:18 AM
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    The monthly charge for the data plan is the same whether you use BES or BIS. You get access to BIS regardless of whether you use BES or not.

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    06-28-08 08:23 AM