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    ok this one is VERY wierd, so if anyone can help me I would apreciate it. A while ago I switched from a Curve to a Bold and all my messenger contacts were imported without problems except one. I decided that the easiest way to get around it was simply to delete the non-working contact and re-enter it (he has a Pearl if that's any help).

    The problem is that now I can see my contact and can send messages to him but he can't send messages back to me. If he tries he gets a message saying "data protection mode". I've tried deleting and re-entering his adress several times and still nothing. (BTW in case you were wondering, he accepted my BB messenger invitation when I added him back). And we can both send and recieve BB messages without problems to other contacts... Can anyone help please?
    12-04-08 11:44 AM
  2. Kronk's Avatar
    Have you tried letting him send the invite and you accept it?
    12-04-08 11:58 AM
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    12-04-08 12:00 PM