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    My husband and I bought blackberries in May and had to change to a data plan with Alltel. It has been too expensive and I went to Alltel to switch back to a voice plan with unlimited texting. The manager said that we could not because when we changed to the data plan we basically started a new 2 year contract and could not switch back until it was complete! No one told me that! Nor did they tell me how much the total cost was going to be with all the changes to my plan - we have 3 other lines. And we don't use the data part very much - maybe once every couple weeks. We tried tethering, it did not work - despite at least half a dozen calls to tech support! What should I do? I cannot afford $340 a month for cell phones! I really don't want to pay over $200 for our phones. If I could get them to waive the ETFs, I would probably go to AT&T because I think you can use Blackberries without the data plan, just texting. I love my Blackberry, and use all the applications such as the calendar and address book. Just not the e-mail and internet - I have not been able to tether and have separate IP at home and work. So why pay extra for something I don't/can't use! Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
    10-09-08 05:42 AM
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    Call customer support and don't do this at a store. There is usually not a contract term on things like this and CS should be able to remove it no problem as long as there is no data agreement like RIM has with VZW.

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    10-09-08 09:39 AM
  3. DJManos's Avatar
    I have been able to change these features online before.

    They ADVERTISE being able to change your plan at anytime....
    10-09-08 09:47 AM
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    Yeah I've never heard of having to have a data plan. Call cs and have them remove it.

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    10-09-08 09:53 AM
  5. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Hope it works out for you. Let us know how it turns out in case other people have suggestions on where to go.
    10-09-08 09:54 AM
  6. CrackerJackBob's Avatar
    They said the same thing to me but, I keep my data plan. Because I need it for school and other things.
    10-09-08 10:34 AM
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    On Alltel when you renew or activate a contract with a smart phone you are stuck with a smart choice plan for the duration of the contract. I honestly have no idea why the reps did not tell you this when you signed up. You should be able to get your bill under the $200 you listed it really depends on how many daytime minutes you use as a family.
    10-09-08 10:57 AM
  8. DJManos's Avatar
    Our smartphone plan is $129 for two Blackberrys.
    10-09-08 11:00 AM