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    My company recently installed a BES on our system. Outside personel also upgraded phones to the 8800. All activated without issue.

    My phone however was upgraded, (after BES activation) to the 8820. I informed IT they wiped my phone, (the new one), reactivated the password and I attempted activation. The problem is it does not update Contacts or calendar as before.

    I have reset the phone twice and we have attempted reactivation without success. Network email and personal email work just fine.

    IT says they have changed nothing since the original activations.

    They have stated I must activate on a GPRS network, I have not, I thought the EDGE network was simply an upgrade to the GPRS and I have not sought out a GPRS.

    Any IDEAS??
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    10-16-07 11:25 AM
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    In desktop manager there is an icon to transfer data to another blackberry device Try that
    10-16-07 11:37 AM