1. puddingkiller15's Avatar
    I have a Bb curve 8520 and would like to wipe it to get a new bb ID I want to use emailing still after I have wiped it is this still possible? Please ?!
    12-29-12 12:57 PM
  2. Crowezine's Avatar
    Of course it is. Wipe your device, create a new BB ID (you'll need a seperate email), but that doesn't stop you from using your email from your main email account, if you have BlackBerry Internet Service, which is the little BlackBerry Icon in your top bar of your phone, then you can add pretty much any email. But you won't get updates and purchase receipts in your email you want to use - those will appear in the new email you created for your brand-new BB ID.
    12-29-12 01:06 PM

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