06-20-10 12:28 PM
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  1. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    At this point I would give it the night - see what it does and if in the morning it is the same way I would bring it to a Verizon store, or call them.

    One good thing about this - http://forums.crackberry.com/f71/ver...-bolds-484476/
    06-19-10 10:30 PM
  2. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    hmmmm....ok lol
    06-19-10 11:07 PM
  3. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Unfortunately there does not seem to be much else to do. You could try to wipe it from the computer using a program like JL_Cdmer and then loading the OS using Loader.exe, but you will need to download all those files first. (the OS, BlackBerry Desktop Manager and JL_Cdmer)
    06-19-10 11:09 PM
  4. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    ok update, my phone was dying so i plugged it into my truck, came back out after a movie and my phone seemed wiped, no contacts, no SMS texts etc, however i still had my e mails and blackberry messenger groups. It also said something about finishing update on my home screen apps. It wouldnt update when i told it too so i pulled battery again and it rebooted, completed the update and is now patching java etc. Will all my contacts and everything else still be gone?
    06-20-10 12:39 AM
  5. CumminsCrazed's Avatar
    So it ended up going through restore precess and everything is back to normal again. Amazing how these phones wont lose anything when you do a battery pull (mulitples for me) in the middle of an update and yet everything is still available. THANK YOU BLACKBERRY/RIM!
    06-20-10 12:23 PM
  6. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Woot!!!! So glad to hear that it finally ran its course and fully updated with no information loss.
    06-20-10 12:28 PM
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