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    Hello, i decided to buy a Bold 9790.

    i am VERY confused about the 3G bands, i'm from Venezuela and the carrier (movistar) is suposed to use Band Number 2 which "is" 1900Mhz, or Bands number 5, or 6.
    That's what the forum says. I just want to know if the Bold 9790 would work with 3G, because EDGE is very useless here in Venezuela.

    Also, the forum says not to buy the cellphone with the band 4 or 8 if i want my BlackBerry working on 3G on movistar(carrier).

    Anyways, i want to know if Bold 9790 would work with band 2,5,6. For example, Bold 9900 does work on movistar, and 9930 doesn't.

    I don't if the bands are the same for every 9790. I'm also getting confused because on Amazon it doesn't give any details about the bands. I can't post links yet. But i'd really appreciate if you look on Amazon for the Bold 9790, and you check the details. Because i did not find any 3G band information!

    According to gsmarena, the Bold 9790 has "HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 / 800 HSDPA 900 / 1700 / 2100" bands on 3G, but those aren't the same on Amazon, can you please check?

    I'd really appreciate if you help me.
    Thank you!!
    03-01-12 04:11 PM
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    as with most blackberry handsets, there are two versions available. most commone are the ones that include the "normal" bands which are as follows.....

    Band I (2100 mhz), used for europe and asian 3G service
    Band II (1900 mhz), used in the americas, north and south, for both EDGE and 3G/H+
    Band III (1800 mhz), used mostly in europe/asia for EDGE and 3G
    Band V (850 mhz), used in the americas, north and south, for both EDGE and 3G/H+
    Band VIII (900 mhz), used in mostly europe/asia for EDGE and 3G

    now, some phones come lacking 850 and or 1900 and replace it with 1700 mhz (Band IV). this is mostly american carriers that use this frequency for their 3G/H+ service (like WIND Mobile or T-Mobile). using a phone that only has 850/1900 on this service, will NOT alow you to get 3G/H+ service.

    most phones will have all of the needed bands to work on EDGE (2G). these will be 850/900/1800 and 1900. the big difference is with the 3G though, some will have 2100/850/1900 and others will only have 2100/1700.

    according to the Mobile world Live website, Movistar uses a standard 850mhz based GSM network (just like AT&T). for you to use a 9790 on Movistar in Venezuela and get full 3G/H+, you will need one with the 3G bands 1,2,5,6 just like an AT&T branded phone. using one with the bands 1,4,8 like a t-mobile or WIND phone, will only get you EDGE.
    03-03-12 03:03 AM
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    03-04-12 11:50 PM