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    I'm using BIS, at&t. I registered at att.blackberry.com using outlook web access/server information because for some reason, when I register the normal way my mail get delayed 10-15 minutes (anyone know why?). So instead of doing it the easy way, I used the option "I will provide settings to this e-mail account" and "I can access my email account using a Web browser "

    As mentioned in the title, I only get duplicate messages (about 30 seconds apart) when my computer is connected to the internet. My first guess was that maybe my outlook was forwarding stuff to my blackberry, but I've never set up anything like that. Also, as I said, the double messages only happen when I set up the email using Outlook Web Access.

    After wasting at least 7 hours trying to fix the problem, that is the only clue I have.

    Please help me before I throw my phone out the window

    CORRECTION: This problem exists ONLY when my Outlook is open...that should narrow it down quite a bit
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    Sound like you have the mail redirector installed on your computer. Remove it since it isn't necessary if your using BIS to poll your account for new messages.

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