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    I have been trying to sync my wife's yahoo contacts with her BB 9800 and having a mind boggling issue I can't figure out.

    We want to sync her BB to her yahoo contacts, and it's sort of working, but it's missing a bunch of info from assorted contacts (most importantly: phone numbers, but not all phone numbers!).

    I have deleted the contact list from the BB, re-added, wiped the BB, and tried again and it still won't show all the info that is in Yahoo on computer.

    Meanwhile, this stuff was all fine on her iPhone.

    Additionally, I thought I would check my contacts on my BB. I have multiple lists (BES Desktop, 2 yahoo, 1 gmail) and thought I would just do a quick check of my yahoo contacts, and realized the first one I checked was missing the phone number too. It wasn't somebody I call often so hadn't noticed it before. My most called people are in my BES Desktop. I have removed my yahoo contacts, and re-activated them various times over the years with various BBs, including my current one, but only noticed this when I checked last night.

    My sense is there is some bug between yahoo and BB contact fields. It's quite a drag, as now my wife has to manually input all missing numbers/info into her BB, even if it is already in her yahoo (on pc) contacts.

    Any ideas??
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    10-20-12 10:37 PM
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    I Remember that was happening to me i believe even after logging into your email settings and re-enter password and then save it should be immediate but it took a couple tries and enterprise activation box should open showing progress of contacts, and i know you probably don't have BES but thats what showed up for me and i don't BES either
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    10-20-12 11:43 PM
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    Thanks for your reply. I have done the tried the activation, re-logging multiple times, to no avail. I think it may have something to do with field associations between yahoo and the BB. See my OP as I have edited/updated it.
    10-21-12 02:34 PM

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