1. RustyNayl's Avatar
    I'm having a weird issue with my BB 9700. When I get phone calls, it'll show the headset symbol.. then it'll show the handset symbol.. my phone keeps connecting to headset and then back to the handset..

    I find this weird because i'm not even trying to use headphone or anything. has anyone else had this issue??
    07-19-10 10:49 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I know some folks have had their BB's register headphones even after they were unplugged. What fixed it in some cases, plug in the phones, play some music and then UNplug them. See if that gets it back in sync. Or there could be a short in the jack.
    07-20-10 12:15 AM
  3. gillty's Avatar
    my sister just had this issue with her 9700. she had plugged her phone into the aux port in car to use as a "hands-free" solution, but after she unplugged it any phone call she would make the BB would rapidly continuously switch from handset-to-headset. i did a search on here and what solved the problem was as F2 stated, insert your headset/headphones, play a song in the media player, then stop the song in the media player, and after you complete those steps remove the headset/headphones. Once i completed this sequence the phone went back to normal and no longer did the constant headset/handset switch.

    I dont know exactly what the problem is, but this sequence did work. I think the problem though was something to do with her trying to use the aux port as the handsfree set. Perhaps the OS just isnt setup to function in that manner???

    Give it a try see if your able to correct the issue.
    07-20-10 09:19 AM