1. RF8655's Avatar
    Not too long ago here, someone mentioned that you can stream what's on your PB (i.e., live news) to your HDTV via an micro HDMI cable. This I'm doing successfully. But that you can then do other things on your PB or put it in standby mode while the streaming continues uninterupted to your HDTV. This I've not been able to do... all I can do is just mirror what's on the PB to the HDTV.

    Does anyone know if that advise to stream while also multitasking (doing something else) on the PB was incorrect, or is it possible?
    03-05-12 10:58 PM
  2. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    The advise is correct; once your PB is connected via HDMI, you can set it to presentation mode. Then, the video will display via HDMI while your PB screen is available for anything you want (I think it's done by a swipe down + option within the video app). But I'm not certain you can switch to standby mode, in fact I believe you can't.
    03-06-12 01:57 AM