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    So, I have been looking for a new set of bluetooth stereo headphones, and am having quite a bit of trouble deciding. I was looking for some more input on the new tiny Sony IS800's.

    I own a pair of the original S9's and frankly, I love them indoors, but find them completely useless outdoors as the signal cuts out constantly. I have heard that the new S9HD's are better with this, but if they still cut out frequently, then I don't want them either. The other problem I have with this design is that you can't lean back in a airplane chair or recliner.....the portion around your neck negates this option....so they aren't perfectly comfortable in certain situations.

    The new Sony's look promising.......but do they cut out outside. I have heard some say yes, and others say they are better. Anyone that owns both pairs care to chime in? I really like the form factor of the new Sony's, but if they cut out constantly outside, is there really a point. I am one of the many folks wishing there was a perfect headset that could handle outdoor activity without hiccups, and were not bulky and very comfortable. Is it just me, or has the technology not gotten to that point yet.

    I'm looking for any pointers....other brands....price really isn't a major object. I just want something comfy that works well both inside and out, and sounds pretty darn good.
    07-22-09 07:19 PM