1. kacperek17's Avatar
    HI im new here n i have a lil problem with my bold 9000 i cant set any rington for call or messages only vibration is working n when i set it to vibred and ring its not working at all only led red lamp i showing me that i hae a missed call or message or that somebody is calling me pls helpppppp
    09-13-10 09:11 PM
  2. Tiassa's Avatar
    Writing your postings in English might help, but here's the short answer:
    On the main screen scroll up to the speaker icon in the upper left corner, click it.
    This will bring up the sound profiles page.
    Make sure the "Active" profile is set to "normal", not "Vibrate"
    If it is set to "Normal" and you still aren't getting sounds, choose "Advanced", then "Normal", this will able you to set the ringtones for various events on your BB. and whether or not they vibrate before ringing.
    09-14-10 08:17 AM