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    Ok here is my situation.

    Phone 1: iPhone 3G/AT&T

    Phone 2 or (phones 2,x,x,x): All with VERIZON, Palm Treo 755p, BlackBerry Curve 8330, BlackBerry Storm 9530.

    I like my BBs as much as my iPhone for various reasons. They always have a signal, i get email nearly instantly, i can do picture/video messaging, overall volume is better, seem more "customizable" as far as tones alerts and other items, easier to transfer music(i just use an sd card reader and do it manually which is faster than itunes), much more customizable face plate/battery cover, removable battery

    why i like my iphone better, threaded SMS, i can text faster than lightning speed on it, the word correction is 10x better than what RIM has come up with although my BB typing is more accurate and i find it easier to correct misspelled words, at&t's 3G is way way way faster than verizon's ev-do rev. 0(i know there are some with rev. A but i absolutely hate my storm for only 1 reason, the click screen. if it didn't have that i'd love it), full html browser in the iphone actually works pretty good compared to an actual computer.

    so that being said this is what i'm looking for: blackberry with qwerty keyboard, fast 3G connectivity, enough spacing in between the buttons since i have big hands(i can actually type quite well on the iphone and crank out an error-free SMS faster than on my curve). so what i like is the 8900 or 8520 curve due to the keyboard. i don't really care if it has a trackball or a trackpad, but i really want 3G data speeds and service everywhere. AT&T provides the former, Verizon provides the latter. If i could get Rev. A on Verizon with a phone like the Curve 8900/8520 then i'd cancel my agreement with at&t immediately.

    Any suggestions?
    09-13-09 11:21 PM
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    Go to Sprint and get the HTC Hero, rim is tired...

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    09-14-09 12:07 AM
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    Go to Sprint and get the HTC Hero, rim is tired...

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    RIM is 'tired'? How so?

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    09-14-09 12:26 AM
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    I'll never use a windows mobile device. the only reasons I have for using anything from microsoft are as follows: windows xp netbook since apple doesn't yet make a true netbook, xbox 360 due to xbox live, my desktop is winXP powered only because i've had it since before i bought a mac and spent $ upgrading it to keep it current and it does its job quite well considering my budget-minded investments into it.

    I'm about to eat these words. Just bought a HTC touch pro 2. iphone was a great device until the speaker just went out, speakerphone AND headset calls/music just fill my ears with a loud crackle. tried cleaning it, no good. took it to an apple store, they want to sell me another phone for $600. they won't even tell me what is wrong with it so i can try to fix it myself. according to everyone, verizon hasn't crippled the touch pro 2. since i found out RIM is purposely leaving out features on the successor to my beloved curve then i think i'll be holding off on that. storm 2 still insists that i click when i want to type an A and i end up getting an S even when i do. give me the curve 2 on Big Red WITH Rev. A, wifi, trackpad, and equal processor speed/RAM as T-Mo and AT&T and i'll get one. only reason i want the curve is i have big hands and i cant type well on anything else really.
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    09-14-09 12:34 AM