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    So I just got my headphones replaced at best buy, the non ear bud ones that came with the Torch. They didn't have the same ones so they gave me the premium ear bud headphones. Ive never used those before because they never stay in my ear and always slipping out which is why I avoided them. Now that I got those, I don't know how to make them stay in my ears. I've tried the "right hand over your head and pull your ear up" technique and that didnt work either. So anyone else have a better idea to make this work? Thanks in advance.

    These are the earphones btw:
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    I switched some ear piece covers from another pair that got me by for a while. Then I ran across a pair made by Phillips that had the over the ear holders. Worked great for me and only cost 9 bucks. My gf has a really severe case of "nothing stays in the ear" syndrome. She settled for a pair of full coverage Skull Candy headphones. She's happy now. Best of luck on your quest.

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    Ok so I'm planning to try out the foam eartips, can anyone help me find ones that would fit these earphones?

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