1. wondermind's Avatar
    I have a friend who wanted a Blackberry. So he went to the store and purchase one. Turned out, it was too small and he couldn't use it.

    So he ate it

    and got a blue tooth!

    .. I'm sorry i just couldn't help passing this one on. My fiance told me the story and I just started laughing so hard. It wasn't what one would expect and it was just lame and good at the same time. Thought i'd share with all you crackberries.
    07-29-08 03:32 PM
  2. 49ways's Avatar
    I don't even know what to say about this one....
    07-29-08 03:35 PM
  3. bmcclure937's Avatar
    umm, yeah. that was histerical!
    07-29-08 03:39 PM
  4. exelant's Avatar
    And when it turns sideways on the way out, you get blue something else

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    07-29-08 03:51 PM
  5. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    You could have kept it to yourself but it at least you tried to be funny! LOL
    07-29-08 03:59 PM