02-22-16 07:57 PM
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  1. Zeratul57's Avatar
    There used to be articles on features even though they were old features. Lots of thanks for them too and comments. Now nothing much about BlackBerry 10 and the ones with photo memory will complain and say. This is old news who cares!?
    02-20-16 10:22 PM
  2. Bob Brown7's Avatar
    This long time user of BlackBerry says " The BlackBerry 10 OS Is simply the most efficient and intuitive OS out there." HANDS DOWN!....iOS is just very well marketed but not exactly as efficient as BlackBerry 10, Android is just, well, Android....way too many ways in the back door on the majority of the Droid devices out there. My current Rogers term expires in 2017. I'm really hoping I'm not forced into Android....would be nice to at least still purchase a BlackBerry 10 device

    Posted by BB10 OS...The World's Best OS!
    02-22-16 06:25 PM
  3. shakingthrough's Avatar
    I check in with CrackBerry just as often as I used to, and plan to continue as long as I can still use my Passport and the site is active. I still learn something almost every time that I visit, and although my knowledge is limited I try to contribute where I can. That's the point I would hope everyone remembers - I recognize the future is not bright, but unless you have completely ditched BlackBerry for another platform I feel like the members of this forum should try to stay active. The vast majority of us have probably received more benefit from this forum than we have contributed back to it. In my mind staying an active member is the least I can do to do my part.

    Posted via CB10
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    02-22-16 06:52 PM
  4. BerrySoul's Avatar
    Now once every 3 days..

      
    02-22-16 07:57 PM
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