1. J_R_TheMotorMan's Avatar
    I downloaded ziplorer in bb appworld for my 9930 and it only worked once. I asked them for a refund and this is what they said: "Hello

    We are very sorry for the inconveniences, but the missing refund guarantee on App World is due to a restriction of BlackBerry App World itself. It does not allow us to process refunds on App World.

    However, we would like to offer you a value-back refund where you get the amount you paid for the app on BlackBerry App World off any purchase you do on MobileSoftMarket.

    Therefore, please feel free to use the following discount at the following website."
    If that's the case you shouldn't be on appworld!!!!!! I hate that I got beat out of my money like this. S4bb is a rip off company. If your app was a working app then fine but, if it doesn't oh well we can't refund your purchase? You don't deserve to be apart of BB appworld! I want my $10 back
    01-10-12 12:15 AM
  2. kraski's Avatar
    I have one of their apps, no problems.

    If you buy a Blackberry at BestBuy, do you go to RIM for a refund or do you go back to BestBuy? Find out what the refund procedure is at AppWorld.

    Like many of the developers on AppWorld and other places, S4BB offered you an alternative. As a way of trying to help. Have a nice day.
    01-10-12 01:08 AM