1. britiajon's Avatar
    I just got off the phone with Telus and they basically told me not their problem, contact Rim.

    I bought a Storm last month. Left for holidays right after to a place where there were no service centres. By the time I got back it had past the 14 days and they wouldn't take it back.

    Basically everything that's been said is bad about the Storm is included with my phone. screen unresponsive (I've put the dime in there which does help on texting, but not on the web, clicking links etc.) Poor coverage, battery life of maybe 6 hours, switches from handset to speaker randomly, cuts out during calls, sim card rejected, etc. etc. etc.

    Yes I have the option of sending it in for repair or replace with a refurbished one, but quite frankly after having it a month, 3 weeks of which I couldn't use it at all because it wouldn't pick up a signal, I don't want the stupid thing.

    Telus suggested that Rim may exchange it for a different model. I have my doubts. Anyone ever dealt with them before?

    07-29-09 08:15 PM