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    So about two weeks after i got my blackberry (keep in mind that was two weeks into me becoming addicted) I fell pretty bad and cracked the entire screen into pieces. I was devastated. So i kept it to my self for a while cause i didnt want my parents to be agry at me. When i got home from maryland where i go to school ,my dad took me to verizon, and they now have a new type of insurance...(phoneclaim.com) they cover everthing.!!! With a $50 deductable, and 24 hours later, not only did i have a brand new blackberry (not refurbished) but they send me a new pretty skin for free with it!!! Verizon has def com a long way, they never used to help with anything, i am so happy, everyone on verizon should def splurg and get the insurance, you will be so so happy
    10-12-08 05:47 PM
  2. L-Beatz's Avatar

    I'm glad.. my experiences with Verizon were always horrible.
    10-12-08 06:27 PM
  3. kvaughan's Avatar
    Phoneclaim.com is just the website to report your claim through Asurion. Its not a new type of insurance or anything. Glad you got taken care of.

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    10-12-08 08:38 PM
  4. WackBerry's Avatar
    yay glad you got your screen fixed its an annoyance for sure.
    How do you know its not a refub?
    10-12-08 09:00 PM
  5. aglaze1's Avatar
    I know its not a refurb cause my phone was under a month old, so verizon told me I don't get a refurb and even on the box they put no refurb they were really nice about it
    10-13-08 12:10 AM
  6. greg24's Avatar
    Good to hear they took care of you

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    10-13-08 04:20 AM
  7. kingrx's Avatar
    glad you got your problem sorted out
    10-13-08 10:57 AM
  8. gritmaster's Avatar
    I'm glad you got things sorted.

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    10-13-08 11:02 AM
  9. cerob's Avatar
    Glad to hear that you got it taken care of & there were no problems!
    10-13-08 01:04 PM
  10. eripmu's Avatar
    It's nice to see things work out for the best for BB owners. Now you can get back to the addiction. HeeHee
    10-13-08 01:08 PM
  11. nmaguire001's Avatar
    I usually have good experiences with Verizon.
    10-13-08 01:15 PM
  12. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    You can never go wrong with ins. Glad you had it.
    10-13-08 02:47 PM
  13. Rizzleman716's Avatar
    That is awesome! That's s good insurance free skin! Dang

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    10-13-08 02:59 PM