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    I have the Tour 9630 with factory OS and I am having the same call quality issues as many on this site with decreased volume. No one can hear me. I was using the same Motorola H500 that had worked well with my previous motorola phone. I have been awaiting the OS update in the hopes that that would fix it but tried going to Verizon store yesterday and the goon there told me my Motorola H500 was "not compatible" with the Tour. Has anyone heard anything like that?

    So I purchased a Jabra VBT2050 and people can hear me but the call quality still sucks with interference and clicking noises. I hated it.

    So my question is...

    Does anyone recommend or use a handsfree bluetooth with there Tour that has good call quality without interference?

    I personally think my Tour is defective as I purchased that phone on day 1 and many people who purchased it recently have not had a problem.

    10-18-09 07:43 AM
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    Many have noticed a much improved bluetooth quality with new OS version .57 including myself.
    Although my bluetooth wasnt that bad to begin with, it is now really loud and clear with new OS.
    You should give this new OS a try

    BTW im using a cheap Motorola H700 and works like a charm.

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