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    I am not very tech savy so maybe this is just common knowledge...

    I recently purchased 2 BB Bold's and purchased plantronics headsets to go with them. On one set they are working fine, on the other I am running to to problems with the bluetooth not working. When I press the button to active voice dialing it does not work, it also will not hang up calls or answer incoming calls. Inorder to et it to work I have to use the handset to answer, hang up, and dial calls, they will then be "forwarded" to the bluetooth.

    It has been successfully paired, and worked fine at first. The phone says the bluetooth is enabled and has the device connected, but still will not allow me to use the hands free abilities like it is disabled.

    I did remove the battery which fixed the problem temporarily, but I do believe I have found the culprit. The consistancy that I have found is that when I am trying to use the bluetooth if I touch the handset to end the call or dial a number it will no longer let me use the bluetooth to answer, hang up or voice dial etc. Is there a way to get it to allow me to use it again without removing the battery?
    12-15-10 12:02 PM