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    Hacking Bridge 2.0 Remote to work with Windows 7 (With out a playbook): Not Possible Yet

    Ok so far i'm stuck and can't find info on how to get this working properly so will start my own thread on it for windows 7

    Right now I do not own a PB so i had to go to a computer showroom and pair my phone with the PB in the showroom to gain access to the remote screen, i think all non PB paired devices will have to pair it with a PB before they can get to that screen

    i've followed all the steps for pairing it with the ps3 found here (ok i can't link to it, but its the ps3 thread in the PB OS forum)

    as far as i have made it:

    BB 9900
    Bridge 2.0
    Paired with a OS 1.0 PB

    Cant get Windows 7 to be controlled with my bb, originally it was showing up as a cellphone in the pair screen on my PC, but now that i'm connecting during the remote screen i'm getting "Bluetooth Keyboard" as was as access to HID in the properties on my device which i didn't get before.

    Managed to pair the 2 devices together and play audio from my phone on my pc speakers if that says anything. But it won't connect in the remote screen and control my laptop i keep getting an "Error:Could not establish connection with playbook-abe9" at the remote screen.

    Any Ideas from someone with out a PB paired at the time of pairing Windows 7
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    Everything i've read and tired points to you having to "Hot Swap" your bluetooth connection from ur PB to the other device you want to control during the "connecting..." process at the remote screen.

    I've paired my phone with a PB at a local computer store and came home just to fail on the connecting precess at the remote screen.

    Please correct me if i'm wrong.... Please...
    02-21-12 03:40 PM
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    what if you dont have a playbook?
    02-21-12 04:19 PM
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    what about connecting bb bridge to an xbox? and i also do not own a playbook.
    02-21-12 07:06 PM
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    xbox will not work since its not bluetooth its wireless rf....and it seems you have to own a playbook to get this whole process started.

    lets stop asking the same silly questions...i have tried to no avail but my seems to ONLY connect once the connecting times out
    02-21-12 07:26 PM
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    I really would have loved it if it worked on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, which I replaced my two weeks old PlayBook with last May. Oh well, not regretting that decision.
    02-21-12 08:54 PM
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    what if you dont have a playbook?
    Yeah i'm trying to figure out a walk around now for non playbook owners, because u can't just pair once it seems and be set to work on a PC. You NEED to hot swap the connection while ur connected to a PB already then slip it over to the other device. I've been messing around with drivers all night to let the Remote feature on my BB connect as a HID interface on my PC which i've yet to succeed at.

    If i make any breakthroughs i'll keep you all posted
    02-22-12 07:53 AM
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    Sorry if it's posted anywhere else but what do you mean by hot swapping?

    Can you please describe the process
    I do own a playbook
    02-23-12 04:08 AM
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    same here, i managed to connect once then did not work, what's hot swapping
    02-23-12 08:43 AM
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    Sorry if it's posted anywhere else but what do you mean by hot swapping?

    Can you please describe the process
    I do own a playbook
    I don't own a plabyook nor have i successfully done this yet, but what is seems is working is called hot swapping... which is the process of while the playbook is being connected via bluetooth to your phone, U'll see when u open ur remote screen it'll say "Connecting..." in the top right corner on the window you THEN need to start the pairing process through ur computer/ps3 so it trumps ur playbook in connecting to ur phone. Hot swapping tricks ur phone in to thinking that its connecting to ur playbook... but all its actually doing is getting confirmation that there is a playbook that's trying to connnect and opens all the connecting ports on ur phone and thus giving u access to HID functions. There is a time window to pair it to ur computer/ps3 which is as soon as ur remote screen shows "conncecting..." u'll need to start the pairing precess right away, and it isn't always successful

    footose has a write up here: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...ks-ps3-700487/
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    I've got my BB 9900 paired with my W7 laptop, and I've enabled the HID service. (I removed the existing pairing and repaired successfully) I start Bridge, and go to remote, but it is always is telling me I need to pair to a tablet. I tried the "pair to tablet manually" but it could not find my laptop. What step am I missing here?

    I do not own a playbook btw.

    Update: I removed the devices from both phone and laptop, and re-paired. Unfortunately, I no longer see HID as a service availabe for the phone.

    update II: all of a sudden, HID reappeared as a btooth service for the 9900. Checked it, but doesnt help getting remote control going.
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    *Notes: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (Broadcom chipset), BlackBerry Bold 9780 OS v6.0.0.706, Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4/Windows 7 Enterprise/Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    I guess my success was a fluke, but in Windows I would suggest looking at the bluetooth properties for your device. Make sure "remote input device" is checked in the services (or anything like that). If it's not showing, remove your BB from the Windows bluetooth device list and pair it once again with the Remote Control app running on your BB. I think the trick is to get windows to recognize it as a HID device. Also note that Broadcom just issued a driver update for their Windows bluetooth software (may help): Bluetooth Software Download | Broadcom

    In OS X it's a little tricky. I had to create a new pairing profile for my BB, go into keyboard options in system preferences, and setup a "new" bluetooth keyboard, and set my BB to discoverable while running the remote control app. It will ask you to identify what type of keyboard you have by asking you to push specific keys. I used a Dell keyboard as a visual reference.

    In Ubuntu it just worked. (Linux is awesome)

    Just keep fiddling with it, eventually it will give in.

    Once it's set up all I have to do is launch the remote control app from my BB and it works. I only have trouble when I switch operating systems, and have to do the pairing all over again. I was prepping a post on doing this but this thread led me to discover that you need a PlayBook to get this to work. So much for making this easy for the masses. Here's my blog post: —Controlling your HTPC with a BlackBerry via BlackBerry Bridge App (who knew) Way Past Warranty, and YouTube vid: "http://youtu.be/gh6r5ziMNCg"
    If you do get it to work with a touchscreen BB could someone please let me know if any kind of multitouch gestures work? I'm curious and would really appreciate it. Thanks
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    anybody able to get this to work on BB10?

    best solution I have so far is TeamViewer which is nice but I'd like a Presentation Control Panel and a Media control panel
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    01-21-17 11:17 PM