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    I am pleasantly surprised that a high percentage of Crackberry users really like the OS7 phones. I don't hear anything resembling the Great Storm Debacle. Whew.

    I have a Bold 9650 on a corporate Verizon plan, which means I get to upgrade once a year. YMMV, this his how our contract works. February 2012 is my eligibility date.

    So while I am paying attention closely to feedback on the OS7 devices, I really want to know about the QNX devices. I have a Playbook and the hardware and OS are superior to all tablets. (needs apps, no news there.)

    It seems that with OS7, Blackberry (I don't call them RIM, it just confuses the muggles) offers a competitive product to other phones in software features.

    So late summer 2011, we get OS7 devices, but none on LTE from ATT or VZW.

    Mike L. says Q1 2012 for QNX phones, so we know that means Q2. Although this missing the promised release dates junk has to end.

    Which means if Colt is Q2, then it's Q3 before VZW certifies an LTE QNX phone. They do take their time.

    Personally, I have a hard time with full touchscreen phones, since I type a lot. I never got used to my Storm2, and when I pick up another brand of full screen phone, I can't figure out how to hold the damn thing for typing and not accidentally doing some other function.

    But there is value in fullscreen, since the other functions that make it a smart- or super-phone are improved by the full screen.

    Bonus topic:

    Why Bberry will survive and can't be "WebOS'd":

    One angle that I see consistently under represented here on CB.com is Blackberry dominance in corporate/government. The reason is the need for secure devices sending and receiving secure email. There is NO other phone ecosystem that does this. As a former BES admin, trust me when I tell you this factor is of top importance to public companies and government. As much as executives love to play wit their widdle iPads, THEY USE BLACKBERRY for phones. Might as well be in Sarbanes-Oxley. Wait, I think it is. It's also for competitive reasons aka intellectual property.

    I don't know what percentage of Blackberry handsets are corporate / government, but that number isn't shrinking, or at least it should not. Again, no other secure ecosystem.

    If the CO-CEO's seem cocksure, that's one reason. The other I can think of is that the rest of the world is loving them some Blackberry right now.

    Extra Credit:
    I don't think the Colt should even be called Blackberry. Not because the first model has no traditional keyboard, but because it's a completely new OS. Whatever it's called, it should have some unearthly specs because kiddies, iPhone 5 is coming right in that same timeframe. Who doesn't want to see Blackberry sales go through the roof, so we can have even better toys in the future?

    Love me some Crackberry. I take mine in pill form.
    08-20-11 02:02 PM
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    Actually I believe the number of corporate users is shrinking; some study showed that like 88% of corporations surveyed are looking into iPads and iOS and/or Android devices. I am pretty sure the number probably isn't 'shrinking' significantly, but iPhones, iPads and Androids devices are encroaching on BlackBerry in the business world.

    Also, I'm pretty sure in an interview with AllThingsD or whatever - check it on YouTube - Mike L. said they were sticking with the BlackBerry name even into QNX.
    08-20-11 02:30 PM