1. just txt and calls mam's Avatar
    As some may have seen I am over in the U.S. from the U.K.

    I rather, as it turns out, thought everyone had the freedom of a gsm So I bought two new phones, A blackberry unlocked 9500 storm for emailing etc and a unlocked sony ericsson c905 for the built in 8meg camera.

    Most of my 6 month bicycle tour is in the mid and western states where choices are limited to verizon and alltel and both say they do not use sims that I could slide into my gsm phone stating also that cdma and gsm are incompatable

    So are those two companies showing protecionism tendencies or are they being straight. If they are I do not want two top phones sitting in a bag for 6 months doing nothing so will sell them quickly

    any advice would be welcome
    02-25-09 11:57 PM
  2. xliderider's Avatar
    They are being straight with you, they are CDMA carriers. Are you sure the GSM coverage is that bad where you will be?

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    02-26-09 12:04 AM
  3. uncheels23's Avatar
    I wouldn't see why att or tmobile wouldn't work there. I've had both companies and have traveled all over the us and hardly ran into service issues
    02-26-09 12:05 AM
  4. just txt and calls mam's Avatar
    I tried the main carriers web sites with the area zips to check coverage.. most say the usual "I'm sorry but we are not able to offer coverage at this time but we are expanding our coverage at a great pace" etc etc
    02-26-09 12:06 AM
  5. xliderider's Avatar
    Even if you decide to sell what you have, keep at least one. Your bike tour is only 6 mos.

    Buy a good condition used CDMA phone for the tour. Just remember that CDMA phones are pretty much locked to their carrier and can't be unlocked to use on another carrier. So don't buy a Sprint phone expecting to use it on Verizon for example.

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    02-26-09 01:35 AM