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    I know nothing of blackberrys or their mapping software capabilities, question is; does the 8320 (CDMA) mapping use a GPS sensor to locate and direct the phone while the 8220 (GSM) does not and is only capable of using mapping software somewhat like mapquest?

    the only info I can find is here;

    BlackBerry - PDA GPS - BlackBerry Maps at BlackBerry.com

    and as far as I can tell the 8220 is not GPS capable?

    BlackBerry - BlackBerry Maps & GPS - GPS Cell Phone - GPS Tracking Cell Phone - BlackBerry GPS

    I am looking for an unlocked GSM phone with GPS mapping and stereo bluetooth capabilities the size of the pearl flip, the samsung SGH-a777 is perfect size with GPS mapping but for some reason they left out stereo bluetooth?

    any help on this matter would surely be appreciated..
    10-17-09 12:56 AM
  2. hubermania's Avatar
    I wouldn't say the 8220 is not GPS capable. It just doesn't have an on-board GPS. Garmin Mobile, Amaze, BB Maps, etc all work perfectly fine if you have a Bluetooth GPS puck, which you can find for as little as $30.

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    10-19-09 07:45 AM
  3. NoSpin's Avatar
    Yeah the only difference is the 8220 has wifi and NO internal gps, while 8230 has internal gps and NO wifi. Buy a bluetooth gps and the 8220 will work fine.

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    10-19-09 12:14 PM