1. SirKeats#CB's Avatar
    I have an 8100... but I don't know that that matters.

    Anyway, I'm trying to make the switch from outlook to my works groupwise system and I'm having some sync issues.

    First I ran a one-way sync from the phone to the computer (using the DM) and checked the refresh box (even though there wasn't anything in the groupwise calendar... I just figured I'd be save and clear everything this way).

    It worked okay, but my recurring events didn't transfer over properly so I went through groupwise and got everything set up properly in the calendar.

    So now, everything in my groupwise calendar just the way I want it.

    Then, using the DM, I did a sync from groupwise to the phone (again, checked the refresh box to clear all entries in the phone calendar) and sent everything from the GW calendar over to the phone. It seemed to have worked fine... the calendar in the phone now matches the GW calendar.

    So I figured everything was fine.

    The problem is that if I then switch back to the regular two-way sync... it shows a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be changed (updated, deleted, added) even though nothing has actually changed.

    I'm guessing that what's happening is that the DM is somehow remembering the calendar entries on both the phone and the computer from before I got everything fixed and so now when I want to run the two-way sync it wants to update everything.

    How do I fix this so that everything basically gets reset (or however you want to say) to the current calendar configuration?

    11-26-07 12:55 PM
  2. ramahl's Avatar
    Did you ever figure this out?

    I have a storm and even though my initial sync went perfectly, it now tries to SYNC EVERYTHING over on every time I connect...over 2,000 entries in my calendar...takes over an hour.

    Did you ever figure it out?
    12-08-08 04:46 PM