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    Recently, as I'm sure most of us have, made the transition to BBM 6 and most of us have had nothing but praise and smooth sailing with the application. I have been able to keep in touch with contacts still and read updates with no problem, but one...MY GROUPS ARE GONE!

    A typical BlackBerry batt pull did the trick once and my groups came back, but after a few hours my groups disappeared and am unable to get them back! I've performed my fair share of batt pulls, but no no avail. WTH

    I have not come across any forums bringing up this issue and figured my home at CB would help to shed some light to this issue. As you'll see in the following "captured" photos I have no indication of me being part of a group (I am actually in two), but just today what bugged me out was that I actually got an update in my Messages app from a group I am a part of. I thought obviously "Groups" is somewhere, but....where?!

    I was about to insert the pictures into this post, but I just went with the attachment method (do the still display in this post?).

    Again, if anyone can shed any light on this situation of mine I would greatly appreciate it and thank you advance!

    **UPDATE** -The current update to BBM 6 that came out today ( is actually the answer the my question. I'm quite glad RIM pushed this in a timely manner. My "Groups" category is back on display and everything is one again within my BlackBerry universe.

    "UPDATE2" - I was dead wrong about the upgrade turning into my solution......"Groups" have disappeared again. My door is back open for suggestions.....
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