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    Hi All,

    I do a lot of survey work mapping & recording wildlife bio-diversity, one thng that would be really useful is a piece of software that would actually display my location either as an OS six figure grid reference or as long/lat.

    Does anyone have any suggestions.
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    07-28-07 10:02 AM
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    I've not seen anything like this, but, am sure someone will be along shortly to assist...
    07-28-07 04:00 PM
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    I've found a possible solution to my original question whilst having a play, once BB Maps is open with the GPS attached there's a menu option called 'Copy Location'.

    This pastes the information to the BB Clipboard, from here I'm able to open my BB memo pad and paste the information here for later reference, along with any field notes I think are useful.

    The 'Copy Location' once cut and pasted into memo pad, displays the Long/Lat information I require as follows:


    I now have my exact position logged with added bonus of field notes for reference.
    07-28-07 05:42 PM
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    I've actually found the prefect solution without the need to constantly connect to BB Maps - A small java app called bb Tracker, works perfectly on my 8300 with a bluetooth GPS Holux receiver, check out:

    bbTracker - Trac

    If you don't care about route finding or downloading and displaying maps, but just want to

    * get your coordinates and/or altitude
    * record your path
    * have it displayed in a simple graphic
    * export it to GPX and/or KML (Google Earth) files

    then bbTracker might be for you.
    07-30-07 10:12 AM
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    Great, thanks for sharing...
    07-30-07 10:19 AM
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    Old thread I know, but I found this forum while looking for the same thing a few weeks ago after a trip to the Peak District.
    I tried the suggested bbTracker, but I couldn't find how to get it show me an OS Grid Ref.

    All I wanted was a simple app to use the GPS chip in the BB and show the OS grid reference. This would save me from carrying my Garmin up hills, when all I need is confirmation that where I think I am on the map is where GPS thinks I am!

    So I wrote an app.
    It's on the App store as "OS British Grid Reference" but since I just registered on this forum I am unable to post the link.

    Hope it helps someone. I'd love to hear any feedback from people in other parts of the UK.
    I use the app in the Peak District (OL24 and OL1) and it's spot on, but I'd love to know how it performs in other areas, and in fact what happens if you use it outside the UK as I have no way of testing this!


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    05-20-11 05:18 AM
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    Just downloaded the OS british grid ref app. first try spot on. now to lose myself on the moors and try it. Could be 1 well spent. Thanks to JohnCroasdale.
    12-17-11 04:13 AM