1. btkid08's Avatar
    I have had my curve for 2 months and yesterday I pulled it out of my pocket and there was a green line on the left side of my screen. I took it into verizon and they thankfully decided to replace it for me. However, I have a few questions about what to do in preparing for my new BB Curve to come in.

    First, How do I back up my numbers and such?

    Secondly, i have to delete all the info on my phone after the back up. How do I do this?

    Also, can u delete all in messages or do you have to scroll through all of it to get them all to select and delete?

    any and all info would be great!
    08-19-08 12:24 PM
  2. benzworm's Avatar
    us Desktop manager to sync your contacts

    to wipe your berry go to Options>security options>general settings>menu>wipe handheld
    08-19-08 12:52 PM
  3. Fabmaclover's Avatar
    As long as you do not have phisycal damage within the year you bought your device they will replace it.. thanks god!
    08-19-08 01:12 PM