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    Okay, so I was thinking, everyone is saying that RIM its too much for the enterprise consumer, and not enough for the 'Average consumer'. Its not "user friendly", sexy enough, isn't customizable like Android, and not smooth like iOS devices.

    I believe personally that all this talk above, all comes down to the UI (User Interface) that people are ultimately complaining about if you look at the bottom line. Because now, that QNX is involve, and hopefully the hardware would be way better then what it is/was now, I hear that there debating at RIM over what path to go to with OS6.1 and QNX, and that "There can only be one" and they don't want to lose some of the key features that current Crackberry users like.

    Well, my simple solution is.......... WHY NOT CREATE A SECOND OS, or Theme that the user can switch from the Settings menu???? If your a Business user, use the Business Theme with the key Business Features, and if your a Media, Game, widget, and App loving maniac, switch to those themes or OS's the same way???? Doesn't this seem soooo simple???

    Me personally, I love the simplicity, and functionality of my Storm 1's 5.1OS... But sometimes, I do get bored of it, and would like a HTC Android, or iOS theme look and feel to it.

    What do you guys think? DO you think its an easy solution for RIM to get a huge market of Android, and iOS users? Is that all, or am I missing something else?????????
    03-30-11 06:09 PM
  2. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    What you're suggesting would be a massive headache, to deal with two OS platforms at once is just madness. Not worth it for RIM, IMO.

    RIM already has issues dealing with the fragmentation of their current devices, let alone trying to implement QNX (or BB OS 7). Why support both of them at the same time?? They move they're trying to make (if I read the articles right) is that they eventually want to move to BBOS 7 and put OS 6.1 (and all version before it) to rest in peace.
    03-30-11 07:09 PM
  3. IvanAMANation's Avatar
    I not suggesting to put both OS's on one device. I'm just trying to figure whats so difficult? Make 1 OS (BBOS7) and put the best features from os6.1 and QNX into one platform.

    The only thing that I see that can be the problem is that supposedly, the QNX is not secure enough to RIM's standards.

    I'm just trying to figure out whats so special about QNX, really. With good specs on a device wouldn't a RIM OS perform just as good and fast as a QNX product? Whats the difference??
    03-30-11 07:26 PM
  4. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    The problem right now is that RIM needs to get new phones out ASAP BUT..... QNX/BBOS7 (on a phone) is not ready for prime-time just yet.

    Plus, you have you to keep in mind the huge task RIM has in front of them. The task for RIM wanting to go straight to BBOS 7 is the transition of it's current subscriber base around the world. That's something that's not going to be easy at all, especially since they have to very mindful of how they transition their big clientele...
    03-30-11 07:38 PM
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    When RIM does workout the kinks in QNX they will be supporting two OS platforms for awhile, like it or not. Not every consumer/enterprise will upgrade as soon as the new devices come out. Of course support will be phased out over a couple of years, but in the immediate future it won't likely become obsolete. Personally I'm satisfied with my BB. I have no need for "wow" and really don't understand all the fuss surrounding flashy devices. I love what my BB does and it does it better than any other phone on the market. First and foremost my phone is my connection not an entertainment device and will never be, nor do I want it to be.

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    03-30-11 10:54 PM
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    its simple in business:
    you cant satisfy everyone, and dont try to satisfy everyone, otherwise you'll satisfy no one
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    03-30-11 11:22 PM