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    While the Midwest is under cyber attack Blackberry sends out this email. View Online

    The cost of data breaches will reach $2.1 trillion1 globally by 2019 – four times as much as in 2015. Cybercrime is an increasing business risk for organizations of all shapes and sizes, from the largest national governments to the smallest local businesses.

    To secure your business and protect your brand, you need to be prepared for current and future cybersecurity threats. BlackBerry Cybersecurity Services teaches you to think like a cybersecurity expert, so you can identify and address any threats to your business. We’ll teach you the key capabilities that have made BlackBerry a leader in high-security banking and government markets.

    On-demand cybersecurity services are part of the new BlackBerry Secure platform, delivering enterprise-wide solutions that recognize vulnerability wherever it lies.

    Watch the webinar to see if your business is ready for the latest cyber threats.

    Find out how BlackBerry is fast becoming a leader in cybersecurity consulting.

    Read how BlackBerry Secure and Giuliani Partners are fighting cybercrime together.

    Centered in Iowa and spreading.

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