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    Samsung Flexible Display Prototype Unveiled ( CES 2013 ) - YouTube

    Samsung has unveiled a range of prototype devices made from graphene (a product already found in pencil graphite, super bendy and extremely strong) showing the possibilities of future phones using this material

    although these are prototypes and may never be released, it is almost certain that samsung will be the first to start making these (as they already have demo units) and this will surely keep them at number 1, do you think everyone else will follow and start making graphene phones?

    will there ever be a bendy blackberry? do you think this is a good idea or a stupid one which will never catch on?

    personally i think theyre too thin, itll be lost like a piece of paper within a month or two, theyd also be horrible to type on
    01-16-13 02:39 PM
  2. cjcampbell's Avatar
    Looks like some really cool tech but has no real practiallity. Even that test one had an almost "permanent" curve to it. And like you said, it would be a pain to type on, or even do anything other than simply look at it.
    01-16-13 03:09 PM

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