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    My next car will know when I'm in a good mood

    It will also know when I'm sad, grumpy, or just plain mad. Okay, it won't quite figure it out on its own ó I will have to tell it. How will my car get so smart? Because Gracenote has been working to personalize the music experience in a way that dynamically adapts content to the driverís mood and musical taste.

    It's not just about play-listing locally stored content and displaying album art anymore. The folks at Gracenote can now merge multiple occupantsí music collections and find common ground. They can create stations that incorporate cloud-based content from multiple sources. And they can adapt the nature of the content played in the car to the mood of the occupants through their Mood Grid technology.

    This not only makes the music experience intensely personal but it does it automagically, keeping the driverís eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Hereís a short video from 2014 CES that provides a quick overview ó on a system powered by QNX technology, of course :-)

    QNX Auto Blog: My next car will know when I'm in a good mood
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    03-22-14 05:47 AM
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    This is amazing!!!!!!! I would love to have this in my car! Wooohooo.
    Had no idea this type of technology is out there, or being worked on!
    03-22-14 08:09 AM
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    And the best thing it's powered by qnx
    03-22-14 10:43 AM

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