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    GPSiesConnect for BlackBerry devices with OS 4.2.1 or higher
    "GPSies - Tracks for Vagabonds" is a great website for tracks for your sports and leisure activities. Download tracks in various formats to use them with other applications (like GPSLogger) on your BlackBerry.

    Core Features
    • GPSies - Tracks for Vagabonds is a great website where a very large community shares tracks for any purpose. GPSiesConnect allows you to directly access the GPSies.com database from your BlackBerry device
    • You can search for tracks for your sports and leisure activities
    • Search for tracks in a specified radius to your specific country/city/zip/street
    • Search for tracks that have a certain length or altitude difference
    • Search for tracks that are suitable for one or more of the following activities:
      hiking, walking, running, skating, cross skating, handcycle, cycling, racing bike, mountainbiking, motorbiking, enduro/quad, cabriolet, car, nordic Skiing, alpine skiing, randonnee skiing, snowshoeing, wintersports, riding, canoeing, sailing, boating, motorboat, climbing, flying, train, sightseeing, geocaching, miscellaneous
    • Download tracks in various formats [KML, GPX, CSV & FUWAGI] to use them instantly with other applications (like GPSLogger) on your BlackBerry
    • The functionality of GPSiesConnect can be used by any 3'rd party GPS application since it comes with a quite easy to implement command line option interface
      Provided functionalities:
      • GPSiesConnect is able to upload your tracks to the GPSies.com database
        (requires a login at GPSies.com - which is free - go to the registration form)
      • Search for tracks in a specified radius to your current GPS location
      • Configure a 3'rd party application to start them with tracks you find in GPSiesConnect (done via the GPSiesConnect Options)
    • The latest version of GPSLogger (v1.6) fully supports the GPSiesConnect command line API functions - you can upload any of your recorded path to gpsies.com or search for tracks nearby your current GPS location
    • From GPSiesConnect you can directly load any track as navigation path into GPSLogger. But GPSiesConnect does not need GPSLogger to be installed! Via the GPSiesConnect options you can configure any other installed application to interact with GPSiesConnect (of course this have to be supported by the 3rd application itself)
    • Check for updates of the application via the Options

    GPSiesConnect & GPSLogger the perfect pair for outdoor navigation

    more details at the new GPSiesConnect Homepage @ www.emacberry.com

    This application uses network data services and may be subject to data charges. An unlimited data plan is recommended. Note that some BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators may prohibit the downloading of 3rd party files through applications.
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    GPSiesConnect need to be updated to v0.2.1
    please excuse, but GPSiesConnect have a serious bug in the initial released version - the Problem is caused by the "country update thread" that is running every 7 days (when GPSiesConnect will be started) - for some reason this Thread is causing a LOCK in the Application itself (you see the "receiving data" progress bar all the time) - the only way to quite GPSiesConnect in this case is to make a battery pull

    So please updated your GPSiesConnect installation to v0.2.1 before launching the application again - my apologize.
    08-23-09 01:45 PM