1. androidodnetnin's Avatar
    I have a BlackBerry Bold 9700 running 6.0 Bundle 1879 software with T-Mobile service in Southeast Wisconsin.

    90% of the time, my GPS software is [as my Google Maps app reads] "waiting for GPS". On a clear, sunny day, I don't feel this should be happening.

    Is there something that I should take up with someone? A software patch to download? Anything? It's just kind of upsetting to be driving somewhere and then have the GPS drop most of the time.
    05-10-11 11:56 AM
  2. johnling's Avatar
    With the official TMo .448 mne works much faster and finds satalite locks quicker and locks more satalites the OS5 did. In 10 to 15 seconds I just got 11 satalites in my window. All I can say is maybe try the official TMo release.

    That is with a shrunk OS6 with 85 meg of mem free.
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    05-11-11 05:24 PM
  3. zdman's Avatar
    I have tried three different releases of OS 6 on my 9700 including the official AT&T one (my carrier). In each case my gps works for a while then I get the same error. A reboot (battery pull) will get it working again for a while then it seems to revert to not working. I thought maybe it was some software bug where a program is not compatible with OS6 and the gps, but even blackberry maps has the same issue.
    05-13-11 06:22 AM