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    Complete BB newbie here.

    Since I live in Canada and can't get an unlimited data plan (thanks so much, Rogers). I have not yet bought an 8310 (w. GPS) but that's how I'm leaning.

    Is there a way of downloading maps ahead of time and sticking it into the unit (via Bluetooth connection to my laptop eg) so that I can use the GPS w/o making use of the data plan? Do any of the GPS apps for Blackberry support this?

    (The sales clerk at Rogers asserted that there was, but wasn't sure or wouldn't tell me which one that might be.)


    -- Mike
    03-02-08 10:19 AM
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    GPS uses data, no other way around it that I know.

    Unless you email the directions to yourself, which is still data.
    03-02-08 10:21 AM
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    Most of the GPS applications use a data plan to obtain map information. BB and Google maps update the map constantly as you move. The maps can take up a lot of space, otherwise.

    Nav4All will connect to retrieve directions, then use the downloaded information to direct you with arrows and voice directions (no maps). The only time it uses your data plan is when it calculates the directions (which it will also do if you go off course). It uses less connection time, but doesn't display maps.

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    03-02-08 01:08 PM
  4. rambo47's Avatar
    Gotta have a Blackberry Data Plan to get maps. No way around that.
    03-02-08 10:10 PM
  5. yogi's Avatar
    There is another way. Me too I'm in Canada. I use the Freedom Keychain GPS 2000. I works perfectly with my BB. It works via bluetooth. It was made to detect 51 satellites worldwide. feel free to pin me if you need extra info's.
    03-03-08 08:24 PM
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    will it work in the us too? i dont have a data plan either and would love to use the gps.
    03-04-08 01:21 AM
  7. kelv1ntran's Avatar
    There is another way. Me too I'm in Canada. I use the Freedom Keychain GPS 2000. I works perfectly with my BB. It works via bluetooth. It was made to detect 51 satellites worldwide. feel free to pin me if you need extra info's.
    won't let me pm u...
    03-04-08 02:09 AM
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    This will only add GPS capabilities to a non-GPS curve (as the 8300). If you buy a 8310, then this is not needed.

    To use the GPS, you will need a data plan to get the maps. I do not know of any applications for the BB that have local maps (I'd love this - and I made a lot of research to find one!).

    03-04-08 10:37 AM
  9. steelio's Avatar
    If I were you I would go to pinstack.com and download navigation program called amAze has worked well for me.
    03-06-08 12:48 AM
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    OK, so it seems that many of these replies were not quite correct after all. (BTW I bought a nice red Curve 8130).

    With Rogers in Canada (who have a de facto monopoly on GSM here), you can do one of two things wrt GPS and the 8130:

    (a) use google maps or similar and have the data count against your expensive and not unlimited data plan, or

    (b) take the GPS option, in which case you get unlimited GPS data (i.e., maps, not the GPS signal) for $10 per month. But this is unlimited data only for the GPS.

    So there is no solution that effectively uses preloaded maps only, but there is a way to get an unlimited GPS plan that does not eat into the rest of your data plan.

    -- Mike
    03-16-08 04:44 PM
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    I got the 8310, not 8130.

    Still no wifi models available here ... I would buy one if I could. RIM world headquarters is across the parking lot from my office too.

    -- Mike
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    03-16-08 04:53 PM
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    With Mobile GMaps - View maps from various sources on your mobile phone! you can make a cache file on your memory card and use your gps off line. BTW it's free and the map are always up to date because you made the .kml cache file from google maps or yahoo maps on the internet.
    03-16-08 05:19 PM
  13. Loimere's Avatar
    I've had limited success with Spot.

    Do a search on Google for Skylab GPS spot, it will come up. I just joined the forum and they won't allow me to post the url yet.

    It takes some work but you can load up maps on the device before going out into the field. I haven't purchased it yet though because it's been crashing my device and still in talks with their tech people about why.
    03-19-08 11:19 AM
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    Could Some one Help me I Would like to Get GPS on my BB 8700g i bought a bluetooth reciver gSat i have T-mobile no data plan. Thanks
    09-12-09 06:19 PM
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    Mobile GMaps as already mentioned allows you to store maps on the phone (well an SD card). But I think the phone needs to still connect to a cell tower to help it find a satellite, I believe this is called assisted GPS which is how the BB works...but I'm not 100% sure about this. In regards to unlimited data plans, Bell has them but then you'd have to get the 8330 which is CDMA. I have the 8330 with Bell and a 500 MB plan and never come to close using it all even with using GPS a few times a week. There's a thread around here (or maybe I read it on a different forum) where most people said that unless you're often streaming video you'll never even use the 500 MB. The only time I'd not want to have to access data for GPS would be when travelling in another country because data is really expensive.

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    09-13-09 12:15 AM
  16. rubensbasket's Avatar
    where can I get a GPS app that uses offline maps like Windows Mobile Apps ??? Cuz I am in brazil...
    10-04-09 10:17 AM