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    Hey all,

    So i've been reading random peoples reviews of some softwares, but they havent been too informative, so I wanted to see what you guys had in mind.

    Here's what i'm looking for...I go on multiple river trips and woods outings during the year. I'm looking for a GPS app that i can load on my phone and track my progress. [Scenario] I am going on an 11 mile kayak trip down a river in Maine, and I want to be able to track my progress across the 4 days so i dont go too far on any particular day. I need to be able to look at a map, and IF POSSIBLE, add a starting point and my finishing point, and draw a "line of travel" on the map so it can tell me how far i've gone/how far i have to go type of thing.

    i've also heard things about aftermarket GPS apps not working at all on verizon...since i have verizon, this is a concern for me.

    anyways, hope someone can help me, it'd be nice to just be able to take my phone with me instead of my bb and my handheld GPS.

    thanks all
    05-12-09 10:05 PM
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    oh i forgot, im also not against paying for this app, tho free is always better

    05-12-09 10:06 PM
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    I know there is a few in appworld... I don't think they costs to much thow just depends on what u want and they have reviews for them to

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    05-13-09 12:40 AM
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    anyone else have specific knowledge of one of these apps?

    05-13-09 05:49 AM
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    05-13-09 05:56 AM
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    I used this while taking a trip like yours, i loaded the data into Google Earth after, also check out Nav4All.

    Homepage: GPSLogger Homepage - 100% free Software for Blackberry® Devices with OS 4.2.1 or higher
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    05-13-09 10:33 AM