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    I am looking for a GPS based app that will allow me to turn on tracking so that I can track my son by computer, on a map when he drives from place to place. It needs to have the ability to turn on and off manually, not covert tracking. Any ideas?
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    06-23-12 10:04 AM
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    06-23-12 10:08 AM
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    That doesn't use GPS though. It uses cell-tower based location.
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    06-23-12 10:11 AM
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    The only other thing I can think of is a service provided by Sprint.....Sprint Family Locator. Perhaps your carrier offers a similar service?
    06-23-12 10:20 AM
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    Doesn't BlackBerry protect do this? Unless, that is, if you're looking to follow his rout on the map. If you want to just pinpoint his location at any given time it would work. All you need is his BBid and password.
    06-23-12 06:22 PM
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    yea i was gonna say just log into blackberry protect. it doesnt make any notification to the phone letting you know its being tracked.
    06-23-12 06:52 PM