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    So I've been looking for some good GPS enabled apps for my new bold but hadn't really been able to find any until now. Yahoo has recently come out with an online platform called Fireeagle (fireeagle.yahoo.com). Basically it acts as a central storehouse for location data. App developers can make programs for laptops, or websites, or phones or BBs that send location info to the Yahoo server. Then other App developers can create all kinds of programs that pull that data and use it for any number of things. What does that mean for you?

    So far the best BB solution I've found is to download Navizon. This free program uses a combination of GPS and cell triangulation (for when you're indoors) and uploads the date to the Fireeagle servers. You'll then find tons of Apps on the Fireeagle site that can use this data. For instance I'm using Blogloc to create a Google Map for my website that always shows my current location. Eaglefeed.me has some great solutions too including the ability to get an RSS feed of your location data...once you have that, there are tons of more possibilities. There are lots of other programs that do things like social networking, showing you nearby restaurants, updating facebook stats, tracking your biking/running path etc. etc. Highly recommend you check it out.

    Start at Fire Eagle and browse around.
    (and if you do happen to sign up for Navizon, please use my referral code: 5B565A585D. thanks!)

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    Hmmmm, considering MS wants yahoo, and these search engines want every scrape of data possible about out lives I couldn't think of a worst thing possible to do then give them that kind of info on a silver platter...
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