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    Me and my boyfriend just got boldberries and we've been playin with them trying to figure out all of the functions and apps. One feature I really like is being able to send my location. But we are thinking of situations where I wuddnt beable to actually send my location. We r paired by bluetooth but I think we have to be pretty close to use that.. But I noticed in gps options I am able to select his device as my gps source but when I look at the location it still gives mine. Which is kinda good cause u don't want stalkers but at the same time what did I change when selecting his device? And is it only because we are paired? It wud be an awesome feature and I'd just have to shut off my bluetooth if I didn't want him knowin where I was which wud neva happen lol! Thanks in advanced!!

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    07-16-10 10:16 AM
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    I'm not sure about that but I know someone will help you. BTW are sure about that last sentence LOL.
    07-16-10 10:49 AM