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    hey all

    iam from melb, AUS with 3 as my network provider and my 9700 didnt come with any gps software/maps.i dont think 3 provide a gps services or maps.is there any software i can d/l for aus maps? doesnt look like bb app d/ler has any aus gps software either.

    03-06-10 04:25 PM
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    Google Maps for mobile

    download the program.
    It is free and good.
    03-06-10 09:03 PM
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    When you start walking, an arrow next to the blue dot shows you the direction that you are walking.

    It has street view too.

    normally, i search for a location [blackberry key then 'search map'] and save it to 'favourates'

    then i go to blackberry key then 'get directions' and click on the 'end point', 'select a favourite' and select.

    Works wonders.
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    03-06-10 09:07 PM
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    why thank you
    03-07-10 06:37 AM