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    Hi guys, I have a unlocked Rogers blackberry bold on the ATT network. I downloaded the free trial of Garmin and it says that I have no gps reception. When I go to options and then gps it says gps is on but I don't have any location. Is this because I'm using the att unlimited media net data plan? Do I need to switch to the BB plan or have a certain app installed?

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    02-04-09 08:58 AM
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    I think you have to purchase a gps "puck" to get accurate reception.


    Correct me if I'm wrong though...
    02-04-09 09:54 AM
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    Correct me if I'm wrong though...
    OK....Go to options>advanced>GPS. Hit menu> refresh. Keep in mind you need a clear view of the sky for the Bold to communicate with the satellites. Also you need At&t TCP configurations in Options>Advanced Options>TCP.

    APN should say wap.cingular


    Password: CINGULAR1

    Also I'm not familiar with what all is covered in the Media Net plan. You may very well need the BB specific plan.
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