1. krazykid6911's Avatar
    Hey Everyone,

    Going on vacation in a week or so and i am going to Lake Winnipesaukee in NH. The lake i heard can be rocky and big to nvaigate, i will be getting a chart on paper, but anyone know of a good GPS based solution on the storm that would show me around the lake? I know i can use Gmaps or BB maps for general idea of where i am on the lake, but they dont show the buoys and markers, channels etc that i would need to stay clear of the rocks. Thanks in Advance for Any Recomodations or workarounds.
    06-06-09 04:13 PM
  2. Bill Oster's Avatar
    I have seen gps software with freshwater navigation charts on an Iphone 6 months ago. .It was very impressive..

    AS much as I love Blackberry ,I have been tempted to jump to an Iphone for this feature because I am a boater.I will try to be patient for a while but hope an application will appear.
    06-19-09 10:15 PM
  3. captain_dl#AC's Avatar
    Would Google Maps work for this? The GPS location is usually spot on.
    06-20-09 11:15 AM