1. vogelmann's Avatar
    Hey there,

    I have my BB Storm for around one week and I really love it. I played around around with it a lot, espacially with the gps functions (bb maps, google maps) and it worked great till monday or so. When i wanted to locate my position with bb maps or google maps it says "searching for satellites" and doesnt do anything. I stopped it after about 10 minutes but with no result.

    Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Till sunday everything worked fine but then.... :-(

    Greetings from germany,

    11-26-08 02:20 AM
  2. Sooks's Avatar
    do a battery pull if that dosent work make sure location is on .. and i have heard of some gps problems lately so its proably not just u..
    11-26-08 02:22 AM
  3. vogelmann's Avatar
    Thanks so far, but i already did that. Did you here from the same problems that appeared nearly spontaneously like in my case?
    11-26-08 02:27 AM
  4. ddarvish's Avatar
    how did u have gps working in google maps to begin with?
    11-26-08 02:49 AM
  5. vogelmann's Avatar
    That's really strange... i pulled the battery now for about four times and now it works again. Must be kind of a bug or so.
    Thank you guys anyway for your help.

    @ddarvish: What do you mean? Just opened google maps and pushed the blue bottom in the bottom right corner to actualize my position.
    11-26-08 03:17 AM