1. Jesse813#CB's Avatar
    Hey crew so on my 9930 on sprint on have this croshair icon top right with its antennas on and by antennas I mean ))) those. How can I turn this off ? Sorry haven't had a BB since the Bold on Tmobile.
    08-26-11 09:09 PM
  2. Jesse813#CB's Avatar
    Nevermind found it... Will it affect me if I turn it off? And if so how ?
    08-26-11 09:27 PM
  3. heliworks's Avatar
    so how did you turn it off??
    08-26-11 11:34 PM
  4. dmusicman385's Avatar
    its in the options>device>location settings.

    it may impact how some programs work that rely on gps. such as programs that find gas nearby or facebook if you use places in the app.
    08-27-11 12:55 AM
  5. Jesse813#CB's Avatar
    Well after I turned it off my battery life is WAY better I can see it right away!
    08-27-11 02:03 AM
  6. mobibiz's Avatar
    Well the Global Positioning System when turned ON, assists in Location based Services of certain applications but sure it does consume colossal amounts of energy. If you do not subscribe to any such services then it's advisable to turn it off also also the Wi-Fi off when the Wi-Fi is not in use.
    08-27-11 02:12 AM
  7. Orlan2's Avatar
    can i get some help in here?? it doesnt let me turn it off :S, on location services when i open the dropdown box, it only shows location on and E911 only, the little antenas ))) go away, but the crosshair stays :/, i got a 9930 from Verizon and im using it with another carrier in another country, and i have 7.1 on it.

    does any one know what can be done under this situation??

    thanks in advance.
    02-12-12 04:48 PM