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    I have a problem with GPS.

    I have two BB phone Curve 8900 and Bold 9700. Both are unlocked and were bought in UK. Now I am using this phones in Poland.

    Very often when I try to refresh GPS in Options > Advanced Options > GPS, device can't get my location data. I test this program outside and try refresh GPS about 10 times without result.I made my tests with simcard (post and prepaid) and without simcard.

    Very rarely everything is OK and I can get my location. Unfortunately I can't be sure when GPS will work.

    I do not have BIS account and I do not use BES.

    Please, can you explain me this situation? Am I missing something?

    Is some more configuration required? My colleagues iPhone works much better . Even without sim card, He can get first fix after a few seconds. Is this possible with BB device? Should I buy some additional services?

    Best regards,

    Piotr Repetowski
    07-08-10 03:41 PM