1. arekieh's Avatar
    Can anyone get their gps working on telus? Bb maps finds my location but isn't displaying any maps. And google maps won't lock on to my location

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    07-24-09 12:06 AM
  2. silentcharlie's Avatar
    I'm having a bit of the same situation. Googlemaps has never worked for me, and IIRC, on previous Telus Blackberrys, a patch or whatever was needed to access it as Telus was blocking it or something (could be wrong, I didnt really focus on GPS all that much).

    However, my BB maps is working fine. Now my real problem is, SmrtGuard doesn't want to seem to work for me. I can get GPS lock where I'm sitting right now with 10 satellites in BBMaps, but SmrtGuard can't locate me. I'm already in contact with them, so hopefully, it gets fixed.
    07-24-09 08:47 AM