1. TBoy99's Avatar
    I have yet to purchase the phone. it is down to iphone , BB Bold or BB Storm (is it true that storm has no wifi).
    What I'm looking for is gps software that will act as a cyclometer, giving me distance time Av. speed & tracks my course so I can download it on to my home computer.
    Also want to be able to have my wife track me as I ride, from our home computer (I know that could be a dangerous thing to show her).

    I do quite a bit of geocaching as well so any software advice would be appreciated.

    I really don't want to have to pay monthly or yearly for the software, I don't mind paying for software.

    Just went to say
    Thankyou for all your time & help.
    09-19-09 09:50 PM
  2. mighty.pixel's Avatar
    this isnt blackberry friendly, but for what your wanting to do, you want the garmin Edge. I have a 305, with heartrate and cadance, cant be beat for cycling! the newer models are nice too (edge 705) especially if your touring instead of just logging your rides.
    09-28-09 02:16 PM
  3. vaqas's Avatar
    GPSLoggers is the best GPS tracking app out there. Cycling, running, geo caching, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering...GPSLogger is loaded with features for all.
    09-28-09 03:30 PM
  4. markcroninbsc@yahoo.com's Avatar
    i think my new app BBSpeedOMeter comes close to the garmin, and with version 3 starting development very soon i hope to pass garmin out for functionality in a couple of months. anyone who buys the current version will get a free upgrade to the next version.

    BBSpeedOMeter - Sports & Recreation BlackBerry Apps

    BBSpeedOMeter - Sports & Recreation BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Apps Store
    07-23-10 07:50 AM